Every barrel that’s aging in our rickhouses represents our respect for tradition and our love of creativity. We operate two rickhouses: Quercus, which re-creates the weather in a small Scottish village, and the Incubator, which ages spirits in a warm environment.


The Quercus Rickhouse is named after the traditional oak used to make whisky barrels. It’s set up to mirror the real-time temperature and humidity of Ballindalloch, Scotland, a small village on the River Spey.

This place was chosen because the region makes many of our favorite single malts. If it’s cool and humid in Ballindalloch, we even get mini-fog banks floating through the rickhouse.

This environment is perfect for the long and slow maturations of whiskies. Barrels age in this temperature-controlled space from eight to twelve years, minimum.


The Incubator is our old R&D lab space. It’s now a rickhouse, and used for faster aging in a warmer and more humid environment. We originally called the old lab “The Incubator,” and the name stuck for the rickhouse, too.

Barrel Selection

The most important factor in aged spirits comes down to the selection of wood. Wooden barrels impart a huge portion of a spirit’s personality.

We select our barrels based on a number of factors that include production methodology, flavor profile, oak type, barrel size, and aging trajectory (which can be anywhere from four to fifteen years).

Tradition is important to us. We use charred oak barrels to speak to the identities of classical spirits like bourbon and rye, and employ used bourbon and sherry barrels for single-malt whiskies.

Barrel Tracking

Barrel aging takes time and precision. We closely monitor every one of our barrels with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags; these help us track temperature and aging process.

We also embrace experimentation with non-traditional barrels to create new expressions of old spirits. Some experimental barrels include mixed wood, sherry, used bourbon, port, used cognac, and many more.

While we’ll always have classic releases, we plan to do things like finishing small batches in wine barrels to create unique expressions of tried-and-true classics.

The Bently Heritage tasting room is a special place for people to enjoy and be educated not only on Bently Heritage, but distilling in general. Here, visitors can experience tours, tastings, or bespoke cocktails that are only available at our distillery.

While you enjoy your drink at the tasting bar, expansive views are seen throughout. Whether you’re looking at the Eastern slope of the Sierra, or catching a glimpse of the distillers in our single malt production area, your experience is sure to be nothing short of world-class.