Our ultra-premium spirits are made from grain sourced from our land here in Nevada. We strive to elevate the passion that connoisseurs have for spirits, creating an experience that will be treasured by those who truly understand our mission to explore the abundance that nature offers and innovate on traditional techniques.

Led by distillers John Jeffery and Ryan Quinlan, we embrace the techniques of the old world masters and embrace the new. The leadership of our distillers is crucial to our process, and helps keep Bently Heritage scientific, sustainable, and innovative.

We Explore the Land

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are at the core of our identity. From the high Sierra snowpack, to the piƱon pine forests, to the crops that thrive in this high desert environment, we are inspired by the life and the experiences we have in this land.

As our proprietor says, “A disposable world just won’t do.” We aim to protect this environment for the next generation, so they can explore it just like we have.

We Innovate

We embrace the techniques of the old world masters, and employ new technologies that keep our operations safe, scientific, efficient, and sustainable.