The Bently Ranch Malthouse is where the journey from exceptional, estate-grown grains to world-class spirits starts taking shape. This is also where our grains are carefully crafted for the Bently Heritage distillery team to work its magic transforming them into bespoke spirits, each an incomparable expression of Carson Valley terroir.

And while the barley cultivars chosen for malting have all been selected on a number of different criteria, they all share one critical distinction: they make consistently excellent malt!

Being non-conformists as we are, we've chosen to incorporate both old- and new-world methods to craft our malts, using both traditional Scottish floor malting methods as well as state-of-the-art pneumatic malting systems.

By choosing both of these approaches to the craft, we have concurrently embraced the Scotch tradition practiced by some of the greatest distilleries the world has ever known, as well as consciously endeavored to forge our own path in the burgeoning 21st-century craft malting community.

Every grain must be milled prior to the hand-off from Malthouse to Distillery.

We chose B├╝hler, the leading authority in precision milling equipment, for our hammer and roller mills, in order to ensure consistent grist specifications.

From the time our grain is harvested at Bently Ranch to the time it’s handed over to our distillery crew, we painstakingly focus on both quality and consistency with each batch of distiller’s grain.

The Malthouse is just one more illustration of the care and passion that goes into every bottle of Bently Heritage Estate Spirits.