Bently Ranch exclusively grows the grains used to create all of our spirits. As Bently Heritage serves as a steward of history, Bently Ranch serves as a steward of the land, not only growing our grains but protecting the land for future generations to enjoy.

Our ranch carefully matches what they grow to Carson Valley’s high desert ecosystem to ensure both quality and taste profile that matches our needs.

Barleys can change drastically from year to year, depending on the soil and other conditions — this may be a desirable feature for seasonal beers and some liquors, but when you distill a generational spirit like whisky, it has to be consistent throughout the years.

To this end, the Ranch models crops on a scale of decades. These include Copeland, a Canadian variety of Metcalfe, Canadian Bentley (known around here as “Bently”), and Synergy.

The Ranch also cultivates botanicals in a climate-controlled greenhouse, and operate 120 acres of orchard where apples, pears, peaches, and cherries are grown.

The malt house processes barley into malt on-site, ensuring that we control each step of the process, doing things the right way to produce ingredients that will go into a glass that to be treasured for generations to come.