Every sip of every glass contains years of work. Grains, water, fermentation, distillation, and maturation can all change a spirit’s profile, and are just some of the things we explore in the lab.

Distillers John and Ryan, and quality assurance specialist KassaDee, work with these variables to create new flavor profiles or test for quality control. Once a new experience has passed the sensory panel and deemed to be worthy of moving on, we run a larger panel with proprietors Christopher and Camille.

Equipment & Sensory Programs

Experimentation with with new botanicals and sensory work is first done with a gas chromatograph with mass spectrometry. This equipment analyzes samples and references a database in the National Institutes of Standards and Technology to show us the chemical makeup of a particular spirit down to the to thousandth of a gram. This helps us achieve a deeper and more scientific understanding of how a flavor profile works, which adds context to the subjective sensory panels.

While this equipment boasts incredible sophistication, we believe that the human palate is by far the most accurate analytical tool we have.