Mark Gruver, CPP

Security Manager

Mark served in the US Navy for a decade, where he was an Interior Communications Electrician First Class and did the Trusty Shellback six times (that's an age-old line-crossing ceremony sailors do when they pass the equator). After working as an electrician, mark began his journey into security by serving for a year as the Master at Arms on a ship - one of the oldest rankings still in existence in the US Navy.

After serving in the Navy, Mark was a police officer in Cordell, Oklahoma where he was a Crime Scene Photographer and experienced a tornado up close (and he thinks that one is plenty for a lifetime).

In his free time Mark undertakes a wide range of unique hobbies that include shooting, PC computer repair, amateur radio operation, metal detecting (A.K.A. find more trash than treasure), photography, and even ghost hunting (he's still looking for proof). Mark is a professional dog trainer who focuses on Schutzhund, a German dog sport, with his favorite breed the German Shepherd. He loves spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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