Christopher Bently


As an avid environmentalist, Christopher Bently insists on nothing less than exemplary green operating practices in all of his companies.

His most recent project is the Bently Heritage estate distillery, which will achieve his vision of crafting premium spirits from local, sustainable ingredients.

Christopher is no stranger to innovation: he is the founder of Bently Ranch, a local farm and cattle ranch whose goal is to nourish the local community while protecting the land. In the tradition of the distilleries of the old world, Bently Heritage will use the grains and botanicals that have been cultivated on these pristine ranchlands to craft a taste that could not be made anywhere else.

While Christopher’s vision is embodied by Bently Heritage, he is no stranger to forging new ground in other areas, including historic building renovation. The flagship office for his companies, the Second Farmer’s Bank in Minden, NV, was recently restored and won LEED Platinum certification. This makes it the sixth non-residential space in the Silver State to have attained the highest possible green certification. In 2005, he purchased the former Federal Reserve Bank Building of San Francisco and renovated it to LEED Silver CI standards; the building now serves as one of the West Coast’s finest wedding and event venues, as well as the hub of his company offices on the other side of the Sierras.

The Bently Heritage estate distillery complex, consisting of the Creamery and the Mill buildings, are currently undergoing LEED certification and aim to be one of Nevada’s most beautiful and sustainable places to gather, for generations to come.

I see no sense in building new structures when we have beautiful historic properties left abandoned. We need a sense of tradition and worth brought back to our culture. A disposable world just won’t do.

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