Meet Our People

Our team comes from many walks of life, and many of them call Minden home. If there's one thing we have in common, it’s a passion for artisinal spirits.

Christopher Bently

Owner & Visionary

As an avid environmentalist, Christopher Bently insists on nothing less than exemplary green operating practices in all of the Bently Enterprises companies.

His most recent project was the renovation of the Second Farmer’s Bank in Minden, NV. This building is applying for LEED Platinum certification, which would make it the sixth non-residential space in the Silver State to have attained the highest possible certification.

Christopher is no stranger to historic building renovations. In 2001 he purchased an art deco building on Union Square and renovated it to LEED Gold EBOM standards. In 2005 he purchased the former Federal Reserve Bank Building of San Francisco, and renovated it to LEED Silver CI standards. Finally, the recent office renovation of the Bently Holdings corporate offices in San Francisco earned all possible points for its LEED Platinum certification.

I see no sense in building new structures when we have beautiful historic properties left abandoned. We need a sense of tradition and worth brought back to our culture. A disposable world just won’t do.

John Jeffery

Master Distiller

John earned a graduate degree in food chemistry from Michigan State University, where he focused on fermentation and distillation. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, and worked as a sound engineer, physical therapy aid, and personal trainer before joining the world of distillation.

At MSU, John worked with distillers from all over the world to make products and to set up startup craft distilleries. He also ran the university lab, performed analytical research on spirits, and even helped with a court case by recreating a prison still made from a garbage bag and a clothing iron!

Outside of work John loves the mountains, desert, ocean, sky, trail wandering, foraging for plants, smelling and tasting things, and cooking with what he finds. He also enjoys building things, writing books, and making stop-motion animation movies with his kids.

Ryan Quinlan

Assistant Distiller

Ryan Quinlan has degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Art, and a belief in blending the boundaries between Art and Science. He is well versed in the alchemy of fermentation through his many different roles in the Craft Brewing Industry as brewer, production manager, and consultant. Through these ventures he developed a passion for distillation, and embraced the history and endless intricacies that go into it.

When he’s not vaporizing ethanol, you can find him picking the banjo, catching photons with his camera, and taking microbiological adventures making fermented foods. But most of all he enjoys spending time in and around the Sierras with his wife, and their trusty canine sidekick.

Jason Tollman

General Manager

Jason is a management expert with over two decades of leadership on plant floors. During this time he’s worked with companies like Nestle/PowerBar and Starbucks to oversee safe plant operations, led large teams of employees, achieved site readiness for OSHA certifications, and developed safety and troubleshooting programs that kept his floors running smoothly. As a leader, Jason strives not only to keep his plants safe, but to work closely with employees to create high-performance work teams focused on treating each other with dignity and respect, all while achieving amazing results.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Food Administration from California State University, Chico Lean Six Sigma Certification from Villanova Online, and is an Association Manufacturing Excellence Western Region Board Member.

Brady Frey


Utilizing an extensive background in design, development, marketing, technology, and management, Brady is tasked with marshaling all aspects of Bently Enterprises. He has over a decade of management experience, including an extensive background in art direction, marketing, design, color theory and psychology, UI, UX, front-end, and back-end development. He's designed, developed, and led teams for household names such as William Sonoma, the GAP, Nike Town, Harley Davidson, Snap-on, the Smithsonian, ComEd, Verizon, AT&T, Pixar and PG&E. He got this way from reading too much and staring at his computer screen when he should have been outdoors. His obsessions vary, but include music, art history, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, martial arts, and burritos.

Larry Vincent

Director of Construction

Larry has worked in and around construction most of his life, starting with his dad in the garage. He taught Larry the basics, including a lesson on how to keep his fingers… so far so good! Larry’s career was typical of a construction guy until going to work for Bently Nevada Corporation. The entire time (over 20 years) he has worked for the Bently Companies has been an educational experience.

Jeff Jarboe


Jeff was born and raised in the Midwest. In 1978 he graduated from Ohio State University with a BS Business, majoring in Accounting. He has been a California certified CPA (certificate #30961) since 1980. This is over 35 years of finance and accounting experience that span a huge array of industries — from accounting to CFO — as well as industries such as real estate to manufacturing. Jeff has been married most of this time, and he and his family love to camp, boat, and water ski.